The Race is On!

With the exception of Airloom and SV Shuang Hsi you don’t often see a Baba 40 in a race, let alone two Baba’s in the same race, let alone a Baba 40 cutter vs. a rare Baba 40 ketch.

On Friday, February 26, 2021 starting at noon central time S/V Sonrisa will be competing against 11 other cruisers including the legendary Jeff Hartjoy on the Baba 40 ketch Sailors Run in the first-ever Barra de Navidad Cruise-in Week Race.

Sailors Run Baba 40 Ketch

Highlights of the race will be live streamed on the Barra Community Facebook page. We will try to obtain relevant copies after the event to post on the S/V Sonrisa site.

The race is the final event of the 2021 Barra De Navidad Cruise-In Week which is an annual fundraising effort organized by cruisers to benefit the local schools in Barra. This year is particularlly important as the school plans to re-open in August after being closed for 18 months. In Jalisco the teachers are funded by the state, but the school facilities themselves are the responsibility of the local townspeople. Our efforts to volunteer time and money will go to help with safety, repairs and maintenance for the Barra de Navidad schools.

You can join!

You can show your support by either making a donation or entering the drawing as a sponsor for S/V Sonrisa (or any other boat). You might even win a prize!

Details on the event are on the Sailing Nakamal site:

Barra de Navidad Cruise-In Week 2021

Barra Cruise-In Week 2021 Race Information

Barra Cruise-In Week 2021 Information for Boaters

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