The Islands of La Paz

One of the main attractions in the La Paz area are the protected islands a mere fifteen miles north of the marinas. Isla del Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida are an easy day-sail north from La Paz and offer some of the most amazing anchorages anywhere in the world. The high cliff walls of the west side of the islands are carved into a series of inlets that provide dozens of anchoring opportunities on any given day. Each anchorage has its own personality from quiet and secluded to popular and accessible and all of them feature crystal clear waters, abundant sealife, and clear sandy bottoms. Any one of these anchorages would be a treasure near an accessible port, but to have the choice of dozens borders gratuitous.

During our stay in La Paz in November and December, we had a few opportunities to venture into the islands between work weeks. On various nights we anchored at Ensenada de la Gallina, Ensenada de la Partida, and Ensenada Grande and had amazing experiences at each location. Whether it was bird-watching, turtle-spotting, stargazing, sunrise and sunset gawking, snorkeling, swimming, or exploring the shore we cherished each day we spent in the islands.

All of the anchorages on the island are worthy of a visit and we look forward to our return to explore these islands more when we can spend more time uninterrupted by either internet access requirements or troublesome winter northerlies.

But I think for now I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

rocky point off of Bahia Balandra
small rocky island with larger rocky island in the background
Isla Gallina
small rocky island with larger rocky island in the background
Isla Gallo
Sonrisa's bow pointing toward the anchorage at Ensenada de Gallina
Sun setting over the water with island in the distance
Sunset at Ensenada de la Gallina
Isla Gallina in the distance with sun setting behind the island and swarm of birds above island
Birds at sunset over Isla Gallo
bright blue water with sandy rocky shoreline in the  distance
Panorama of Isla Partida anchorage, bright blue water, rocky sandy hills in the background, boats anchored in the distance
tall rocky desert cliff with small shrubs and cactus
tall rocky desert cliff showing vertical cracks and horizontal stratification lines
Rocky cliffs of Isla Partida
Kristin pulling the dinghy through shallow clear water toward sandy beach
Towing the dinghy up the long shallow sandy beach at Partida
dinghy resting in inches-deep water with a long sandy shallow beach in background
tiny ghost crab with large single claw
Tiny ghost crabs
Herding ghost crabs
Greg staring at cactus on the beachside hill
pelican taking off from rock on the beach
small cactus plant with several long thin stalks
sand with broken shells strewn
Panorama of rocky beach with island in background
view of the sandy beach looking back at the anchorage in the distant background
white barked tree
narrow trail across flat portion of island with low scrub brush on either side
long thin eel vertebrae
Eel skeleton on the beach
large whale bone
Whale bones
Greg standing on rocky portion of the beach
view from above Greg wearing snorkel gear climbing ladder back onto the boat
Greg snorkeling in shallow water in front of rocky cliff
Easy to check the anchor in crystal clear 20 feet of water
blue and yellow reef fish
Snorkeling off Isla Partida
underwater rock formation
small school of striped fish swimming amongst the rocks
long thin needlefish
Sonrisa resting at anchor
Sonrisa – our island home

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