Countdown to Cruising

We have a date. We are working hard toward a September 19th departure date to begin our cruising adventure. Kristin has given her notice at her studios and I’ve let my boss know of our departure. The plan is to start working our way down the coast on weekends and weather windows and set up shop in each harbor where I can work remotely from the boat, same as I’ve been doing for the last 6 months. The loose itinerary looks something like this:

Week 1: Santa Cruz
Week 2: Monterey
Week 3: Morro Bay
Week 4: Santa Barbara
Week 5: Catalina
Week 6: San Diego

Beyond that we are looking at either remaining the winter in Southern California or joining the boats heading south to Mexico in November. I’m sure a lot can and probably will happen between now and then, so we’ll see what the situation looks like when we get there.

In the meantime, even with the pandemic, we figure we might as well be isolated on our boat in various locations as we move around the coast just as well as in our own marina. So we are busy preparing the boat, paring down our stuff, and getting ready to toss the dock lines.