A long overdue update

Incredibly it has been over a year since our last update. There were good reasons for this though. In January 2019 we began in earnest to prepare the slipway to launch ourselves into the cruising lifestyle. In February we sold our house in Redwood City, making Sonrisa our exclusive home. We had our sights set on quitting our jobs and heading south to Mexico in October, but with boat projects taking longer than expected and a nagging intuition that it wasn’t the year to make the leap, we decided last summer that we’d wait for 2020 to start cruising.

Aerial view of east San Francisco Bay with arrow indicating "We are still here"

As 2019 came to a close and with a bit of disappointment that we were staring down another wet winter in SF Bay instead of soaking up the sun in Mexico, we determined that 2020 would certainly be the year we take off cruising. Our vision was clear and we were finally focused on a departure date.

It really is remarkable what can manifest in your life when you have a clear vision of what you want.

Most significantly I accepted a new position that will allow me to work remotely for part of the year, so now we have a way to ease into cruising Mexico while continuing to build the reserve funds and maintain our existing health insurance. Plus this new role is something that I expect that I’ll enjoy doing, so it really does seem ideal.

We’ve also used the time to complete our Wilderness First Aid training, I got my PADI SCUBA diver certification, and we’ve knocked out some significant upgrades on Sonrisa which we’ll catch up on in other posts.

Now unfortunately with the COVID-19 outbreak we’re monitoring what the cruising environment will be this autumn. The current situation for cruisers worldwide is chaotic to say the least. Nearly every country has imposed broad restrictions on travel with very little notice, leaving cruisers to face real dilemmas of either leaving their boat in a foreign country and flying home or re-provisioning and leaving for the nearest country or territory that will accept them.

In the meantime, we are grateful to have Sonrisa as our ‘shelter in place’ and we are still planning on an October departure.